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Tricopter – part 2

In part one of this build log I wrote about most mechanical things you should do to build a tricopter, also on addenium I wrote about my errors in making first part of tricopter (you should read it!). Now, it’s … Continue reading

Tricopter part 1.5 :-)

Current status of my Tricopter is: flying 🙂 I know that i should finish my build log, but I think that telling about mistakes I made in first part is more important for now. Failures so far: I didn’t glue … Continue reading

HobbyKing SuperSimple HK-18A and SimonK firmware

Cheap and good ESC for Tricopter ESCs are needed for every multirotor. Some are cheap, but dedicated to planes (slower response), some have extra features in firmware, but costs a little more. But thanks to SimonK and his firmware, there … Continue reading


On one happy day Santa Claus came into my home and brought me some parts to make the Tricopter 🙂 Since I saw detailed build log of David’s Tricopter I started to think about having one:-) Not about quadcopter, hexacopter … Continue reading

MultiWii 328P controller from HK

Another useful brick for FPV is plane stabilizer and autopilot. In HobbyKing there is a new multicopter controller with all needed sensors: gyroscopes (3D), accelerometers (3D), magnetometer (3D) and barometer (pressure/altitude sensor). This is mainly designed as multicopter controller but … Continue reading